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Floors get the most abuse in a house from weather, animals, children and spills. So why not upgrade your rooms to flooring that can last and hold up to harsh conditions. Flooring Ceramic Tile/ heated floor Porcelain Tile/heated floor Marble Granite Limestone Travertine Slate Hardwood 100-year warranty Laminate Carpet Vinyl
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Shower falling apart, leaking, drain backing up or just time for a update. Here at Star Choice we use the latest technology to give you a bathroom that will be easy maintenance and last. We use a material designed for ceramic and stone installations which prevents cracked tile, grout and serves as a waterproofing layer.…
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The kitchen is the most important room in the house, you spend more time than any other room. So why not let us make it pleasant, comfortable, functional and give you the wow factor you deserve. Kitchens Cabinets Countertops Variety of sinks Tile/heated tile floor Hardwood floor Recessed lighting Under cabinet lighting High efficiency appliances…
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