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Fiberglass Entry Door Systems

Fiberglass entry doors are the best option for any entryway into your home. Fiberglass cannot rot like real wood doors can and they also don’t split, crack, or get weathered like real wood. Fiberglass doors come in thousands of different designs, colors, frame types, security features, and styles. Styles includes smooth, painted doors as well as woodgrains that mimic what real wood looks like aesthetically. Fiberglass is the lowest maintenance type of door and is the most insulative. Along with replacement windows, doors can save on energy costs with their polyurethane foam filled cores. Doors are your home’s first line of defense when it comes to crime. Many mistake fiberglass for being less secure than steel.  Fiberglass is made from plastic materials with strands of glass fiber running through the skin which reinforces the material. Fiberglass was made to rival carbon fiber and became cheaper to produce. The skin of the fiberglass door practically is shatter proof for most criminals. The layering of the materials in fiberglass makes them thicker than their steel counterparts as well. Our manufacturers offer a variety of locksets that range in security rating. Allow our experts to decide what would be best for you and your family. The quality of the lockset should never be ignored in the process of choosing a new door, it is an integral part of keeping your home and family safe. 

Paints & Stains

Our manufacturer has dozens of paints, trending paints (limited time only), and real woodgrain stains. Each slab and frame are hand sanded, hand painted, and then oven cured. Just the finishes on the door can carry 15 year warranties against flaking, fading, peeling and blistering. If colors that you need are not currently available, we can get the factory to color match any Sherwin Williams paint color to finish the door system. No matter what the situation, Star Choice Remodeling can get the job done. 

Luxury Aluminum Storm Doors

Aluminum storm doors protect front doors from weathering and air infiltration. They also provide extra security to your front door system by adding an extra deadbolt. With ProVia’s InVent screens, you benefit from extra ventilation in the warmer month without having to remove the entire glass panel. The storm doors are offered in the same colors as the entry doors so you can match the colors perfectly. Several different series are available for order, please contact us for a consultation.